Dealer and fleet

You’re the auto experts. Focus on what you do best, and let us take a little something off your plate.

Dealer standby shuttles

Outsourcing your shuttle service allows you to spend time where it’s most valuable: on the critical functions of your business.

Station a GoValet shuttle driver onsite at your facility and give customers a seamless service experience without tying up your highly-skilled employees.

Give us a call to discuss the benefits of our customizable dealer standby shuttle service.

Dealer to dealer shuttles

Time is money. Ferrying cars between dealerships using in-house staff is expensive and inefficient.

Explore our dealer to dealer shuttle services for both local and long distance trips. You’ll be surprised by how cost effective this option is!

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We return your car just how we found it…only better.

Once repairs are complete, your driver will photograph the vehicle before leaving the mechanic to ensure everything is as it should be. They will then return the vehicle to your home or work and photograph it one last time to confirm no damage has occurred in transit.
Lastly, they will thoroughly sanitize all high-touch surfaces to keep you safe.
We want you to have complete peace of mind. Read about our commitment to service and safety.
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